Host your own Internal speedtest using openspeedtest with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04


In this guide I will be showing you how you can setup your own speedtest website. The idea of this is to have our own website which allows us to test our connection speed to it although you could open it up and access it from the internet. This will be done using the docker image on Ubuntu 20.04. As this is using docker, you can probably use it on just about anything.


  • Clean Ubuntu 20.04 (or anything else capable of using docker)
  • Root access (or docker setup for non root users)

Getting setup

First thing we need to do is install Lets do an update our packages list and then install it

sudo apt update
sudo apt install

After that, lets add ourselves to the docker group so we can use docker without sudo. Make sure to change USERNAME to your username.

sudo usermod -aG docker USERNAME

Now we just need to log out and in again or use the login command

sudo login USERNAME

Downloading and using the docker image

Now we just need to use the docker run command to download the openspeedtest image and run it.

docker run – restart=unless-stopped – name=openspeedtest -d -p 80:8080 openspeedtest/latest

Once downloaded, you can run your speedtest by either going to the IP address or the hostname. e.g. As soon as you visit the page, the speedtest will be ready to start.